Received Tender

Tender 0510025019

EOI - Data Integrity Project for Network Assets and Real Estate.

  • Date received:
    17 April 2014
  • Date closed:
    15 May 2014
  • 1. GHD Pty.Ltd.

    2. Fujitsu Australia Ltd.(in partnership with CH2M Hill and Certus Solutions)

    3. SMEC Australia Pty.Ltd.(in partnership with Wave International)

    4. Kellogg Brown and Root Pty.Ltd.

    5. Litmus Group Pty.Ltd.

    6. Kalibrate Asset Management (in partnership with Price Waterhouse and Asset Future)

    7. Omnilink Pty.Limited.(in partnership with SEMF Consultants)

    8. Backoffice Association Australia Pty.Ltd.(in partnership with MWH Australia)