Fixed charges calculator

Fixed charges are the charges for being connected to our systems.

Most properties have fixed charges for water and wastewater, but some also have them for recycled water and stormwater.

Our fixed charges calculator is not currently available
We can't show fixed charges online at the moment, but we plan to offer this service again in the coming weeks.

You can see all of our fixed (service) charges on our  Prices for your home or Prices for your business pages. We've also provided some common fixed charges in the table below.

We apologise for any inconvenience.
Property type Quarterly fixed charge
Residential property without stormwater or recycled water $172.04
Residential property without stormwater or recycled water that is unmetered $263.87
Residential property in one of our stormwater catchment areas $191.50 for houses
$178.38 for units
Residential property in the Rouse Hill recycled water area $208.85


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