Tertiary & professional

We run free technical tours of our water, wastewater treatment and water recycling plants for TAFE colleges and universities.

The tours:

  • offer insight into our operations
  • outline the connection between homes, businesses and the urban water system
  • showcase how we use the latest water and wastewater treatment technology and sustainable water management.
Students on a technical tour at North Head

We offer free tours for TAFE and university groups.

We'll give a brief presentation and then take you on an informative walking tour around the site. You'll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and find out more to meet your course needs.

Tour information

Sites visited We offer technical tours at a number of sites:

Drinking water filtration: Wastewater treatment: Wastewater treatment and water recycling:
Dual sites (you’ll visit both a drinking water filtration plant and a water recycling plant)
  • Orchard Hills Water Filtration Plant and Penrith Water Recycling Plant.
Tour length 1.5 hours for a single site tour.

Four hours for the dual site tour, including half hour travel time between the two sites and a half hour off-site meal break.
Content delivered Students will:
  • see how our water and wastewater treatment and water recycling technologies work
  • understand our management and licencing systems
  • see innovations in water and wastewater treatment technology
  • experience our operations with industry professionals.
Excursion request You can request an excursion online.

For more information, email us.
We're not hosting visits from professional or international delegations at present or in the coming months.

We're making changes within our business and reviewing our programs. While this is happening, we can't provide presentations, talks or tours for groups outside our area of operations.

If you'd like to learn more about our business, operations, achievements and priorities, please read our  Annual Report.