Water audit

A school water audit is a way to find out how water efficient your school is. You'll discover:

  • how many water devices your school has
  • how efficient your school's water devices are
  • which areas of the school might have problems, like taps that waste water by leaking or flowing too fast.

Water audit video

The video is a short and simple guide to doing a water audit and developing your school's water efficiency plan.

School water audit

Our School water audit lesson has:
  • information on what an audit is and how to tell if a water device is efficient
  • step-by-step procedure for doing an audit
  • student audit recording worksheet.

Stormwater audit

Our Stormwater audit lesson has:
  • information on how to be safe around stormwater drains
  • information on what a stormwater audit is
  • step-by-step procedure for doing an audit
  • student audit worksheet.
Flow cup
A flow cup can measure the flow rate of your tap and shower in three easy steps. Measuring flow rates is part of doing a water audit.

To request a free flow cup for your class, please email us.

Student links

Direct students to investigate these links and learn more about how we use water and make sure there's enough for everyone.

  • Water use & conservation - find information on how to read a water meter and water bill, how much water appliances use, tips on being water efficient and the cost of water. 
  • Water wise tips - easy tips to save water around the home and in the garden.
  • Water efficiency targets - learn about the targets we set to show people how much water they should be using at home.
  • Water restrictions - find out when and how you can use water during the drought.

Water-based activities

A range of interactive water-based games for K - 12 are available through the primary and secondary students' portals with the Australian Water Association.

Find out more about these Teacher resources.

Water calculator

Do you use more water in the bathroom, the kitchen or the garden? Hunter Water has developed a water usage calculator to help you understand where you're using water - and what you can do to save it!