Improving our wastewater system

We're always upgrading and repairing our wastewater system.

We've also improved wastewater services in many unsewered villages through our Priority Sewerage Program.

Our wastewater projects help protect public health and the environment across Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra.

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We continually check our wastewater assets to keep them in good condition.

Completed wastewater schemes

We've provided improved wastewater services to nearly 11,000 properties in 33 urban villages. These wastewater schemes are part of the NSW Government's Priority Sewerage Program.

The villages serviced include:

  • The Oaks, Oakdale and Belimbla Park
  • Coalcliff, Stanwell Park, Stanwell Tops and Otford
  • Jamberoo
  • Mulgoa, Wallacia and Silverdale
  • Mount Kuring-gai Industrial Estate
  • Brooklyn and Dangar Island
  • Mount Victoria, Blackheath and Medlow Bath
  • Agnes Banks and Londonderry
  • Glossodia, Freemans Reach and Wilberforce
  • Hawkesbury Heights and Yellow Rock
  • Appin
  • Cowan
  • West Hoxton
  • Bargo
  • Buxton
  • Wilton village
  • Douglas Park
  • Galston and Glenorie.

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Galston and Glenorie Wastewater Scheme

  • Location - Galston and Glenorie
  • Timeframe - The scheme was completed in mid-2015 and eligible properties are now connecting to the new wastewater system.

We've provided improved wastewater services to Galston and Glenorie.

Learn more about the Galston and Glenorie Wastewater Scheme.

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For more information about the Priority Sewerage Program and our completed wastewater schemes, call our Community Relations team on 1800 006 326

We improve the reliability of our wastewater system by repairing or replacing old wastewater pipes. We also install new pipes to increase the system’s capacity.

Avoid fail program

  • Location - various suburbs across Sydney
  • Timeframe - 2012 to 2016

We're repairing about 54 kilometres of large wastewater pipes and aqueducts.

Network repairs

  • Location - various suburbs across Sydney
  • Timeframe - 2016 to 2020

We're repairing small sections of cracked, collapsed or damaged wastewater pipes across our system. About 4,000 jobs are done each year as part of our network repair work.

Learn more about our network repair work.

Sewer and Stormwater Rehabilitation

  • Location - various suburbs across Sydney
  • Timeframe - this work is underway and will continue to 2020

We're upgrading lengths of our wastewater and stormwater pipes. This work will help prevent leaks in pipes for the next 50 years.
Learn more about our sewer and stormwater rehabilitation.

Refresh Vaucluse and Diamond Bay

  • Location - Vaucluse and Diamond Bay
  • Timeframe - work is in progress to investigate options with the help of community and stakeholders  

We’re committed to investigating options to deliver a permanent long term solution to manage the last remaining untreated wastewater ocean outfalls in NSW.

Learn more about Refresh Vaucluse and Diamond Bay.

Woolloomooloo Wastewater and Stormwater Separation Project

  • Location - Woolloomooloo, Darlinghurst and Potts Point
  • Timeframe - our investigation work was completed in February 2016. Construction is planned to start in mid 2017.

To reduce the number of wet weather wastewater overflows to Woolloomooloo Bay and help improve the environment, we plan to separate the currently combined wastewater and stormwater systems.

Learn more about the Woolloomooloo Wastewater and Stormwater Separation Project.

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Lining pipes helps improve the wastewater system.

When the wastewater system is blocked or reaches capacity in heavy wet weather, wastewater can overflow to the local environment or within private properties.

Our work includes removing blockages from pipes and building infrastructure or installing new pipes to store excess wastewater flows when needed. This helps to:

  • stop uncontrolled wastewater overflows
  • protect public health
  • protect the environment.

Internal Surcharge Improvement Program

  • Location - various suburbs across Sydney. Key locations include Banksia, Baulkham Hills, Beverly Hills, Castle Hill, Concord, Drummoyne, Ermington, Fairfield East, Freshwater, Kogarah, Mosman, Putney, Quakers Hill, Seven Hills, West Pennant Hills, West Ryde, Wollongong and Woronora
  • Timeframe - this work is underway and will continue to 2018 

We're currently in the planning or construction stage for a number of projects that will help fix wastewater surcharges at private properties.

Learn more about our Internal Surcharge Improvement Program.

Wastewater pumping stations move wastewater flows uphill, where gravity is not effective in transporting wastewater through the system.

We build, modify or repair our wastewater pumping stations to help the wastewater system operate efficiently.

Wastewater from homes, businesses and industry is treated to a high level at our wastewater treatment and water recycling plants.

Our wastewater treatment plant improvement program helps to increase the performance and reliability of our plants. This includes minimising odours and expanding the capacity of our treatment plants to service the growing population.

Malabar Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Location - Malabar
  • Timeframe - work started in 2014 and is expected to be completed in early 2019

We're improving the reliability of the treatment plant to ensure we continue to meet our regulatory requirements.

Learn more about Malabar Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Picton Water Recycling Plant

  • Location - Picton
  • Timeframe - work started in mid 2016 and should be completed in early 2019
To service new connections and growth in the area, we're upgrading the Picton Water Recycling Plant.

Learn more about the Picton Wastewater Scheme and Water Recycling Plant

North Head Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Location - Manly
  • Timeframe - odour management work was finished in 2017 with some related projects continuing until mid 2018

We replaced the odour control system (scrubber) on the Northern Suburbs Ocean Outfall Sewer in 2017. This will improve odour management at North Head Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Learn more about the North Head Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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