Save the trees and sign up for online bills with eBill. Just grab your last paper bill (or the letter we sent you if you’re a new property owner) and let’s get started.

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Signing up to eBill is quick, convenient and easy. Watch our short video to learn more about eBill!

Sign up for eBill and there’s no waiting for the bill to arrive in the mail. Your eBill is ready as soon as it’s generated.

You can check your bills from your smart device and pay your bills while you’re on the go too.

It's great for tax time as all your bills are in one spot - especially if you own more than one property. Plus you’ll get a link to our Waterwrap newsletter.

Only one property owner can sign up for eBill. If you’re the lessee of the property, we don't recommend signing up for eBill as it affects billing for the property owner. If you have signed up, we may cancel your registration without notice.

For more information, call 13 20 92 weekdays 8am to 7pm or email customerservice@sydneywater.com.au


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We'll send your eBill summary straight to your inbox.

Adding or removing a property

When you register, you can only enter one property. If you own more than one property, you can add them when we're setting you up. If you’ve sold a property, you can easily remove it. Log in
and go to the 'Add or remove property' tab.

Cancelling eBill

If you'd like to cancel eBill for all your properties, log in, go to the 'Add or remove property' tab and select 'Cancel your registration'. You’ll revert back to receiving paper bills. If you still want to use eBill for some properties, just remove the ones you don't need.

If you get your bill through BPAY View, you can switch to eBill. Just cancel your BPAY View registration through your online banking before you register for eBill.
Nothing changes. eBill only changes the way you  get your bill - not how you pay it.

We already have the payment number

Only one person can register a property for eBill. If you own a property with other people or someone else gets your bill, they may have already registered.

If no one else gets your bill and you still can't register, call us on 13 20 92.

You didn't get an email

When you register, we send you an email which you need to complete your registration. Check your spam or junk folders in case it’s gone there.

Want a different online bill?

You can also pay and store your bills through BPAY View.

Visit BPAY to find out more.