Primary school

There's a lot to learn about water.

We have a range of free water education resources for primary students and their educators.

Primary resources

Did you know that all the water on Earth is all that we have?

Our natural water cycle moves water all around us, all the time, but less than one percent of fresh water is usable.

How we use water and conserve it is important to think about. The way we think, feel, value and use water contribute to our liveable cities.

Have you thought about what happens to all the used water from your home or school?

We use wastewater treatment and water recycling to make water safe to be re-used or returned to the environment.

Water loves friends

Water picks up things and carries them.

What happens when it rains on the road, your roof or your school's paved areas?

Stormwater rushes off hard surfaces and flows into drains that lead to creeks, rivers and the ocean.

You can help us care for our waterways by being mindful that the drain is just for rain!

Water experiments

Colouring sheets


How water gets to us song.

Water games

  • Explore a water cycle diagram and test your knowledge about the water cycle in this interactive diagram by Earthguide.
  • Explore the different parts of the water cycle with Thirstin the water cup by United States Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Find out just how hard it is to manage a river catchment with climate change, increased demand for water and environmental problems putting our rivers under stress. Catchment Detox by ABC Science.

Using water

The natural and urban water cycle

Recycled water