Sydney Water Developer Direct™

If you need a Section 73 Compliance Certificate, you can choose to use a water servicing coordinator or apply directly to us online through Sydney Water Developer Direct™. Watch the video to learn more about this service. 

Is Sydney Water Developer Direct™ right for you?
Sydney Water Developer Direct™ can help you with small to medium developments that only need simple construction or protection work to meet our requirements. Examples include when you: 
  • only need to construct minor sewer works to meet our requirements
  • are ready to start construction of any works within the next four months
  • don't have contaminated land or heritage items on your property.
Please note that we can't accept your application if you've already engaged a water servicing coordinator for your development.

You'll need a valid Development Application from your local council and be ready to start any works listed in your Notice of Requirements within four months.

An application with Sydney Water Developer Direct™ costs $812.64 (including GST).

We'll provide your Notice of Requirements within 14 days. If you don't have any requirements, we'll issue your Section 73 Compliance Certificate within 14 days

Apply online

You can either apply using your Sydney Water Tap in™ account or without setting up an account.

Sydney Water Tap in™ holds a history of your applications, receipts and certificates. You can also apply for other services including sewer diagrams and pressure statements

Apply through Sydney Water Tap in    or      Apply without an account

Your online application needs to include your council approved documents, including your:

  • site plan
  • building plan
  • development consent
  • pre-allocated plan number.

You can attach up to 10 files, of 10MB each. Suitable files types are Microsoft Word, DWG, PDF, PNG, JPG, ZIP, XLS and XLSX.

If you don't have files in this format or your files are too large, please call us on 1300 082 746 before submitting your application.

Pay your application fee

You'll need to pay your application fee online with Visa or MasterCard. We'll start processing your application the next working day after you've paid.

Your application fee pays for:
  • a full assessment of your application and building plans by a technical expert
  • a sewer service diagram
  • an experienced case manager who'll look after your application from start to finish
  • a Section 73 Compliance Certificate and building plan approval once any required work is completed. 

We'll also provide you with a fixed price quote for any minor sewer and water service construction outlined in your Notice of Requirements.

Receive confirmation

We'll email an application reference number and payment receipt once we've received your application.

Your case manager will contact you within two working days to discuss your application.

Application fee

An application through Sydney Water Developer Direct™ costs $922.64 (including GST). It includes:

  • assessment of your building plans and development application
  • your Notice of Requirements if you need to construct something
  • a sewer service diagram
  • a fixed price quote (valid for 60 days) for any construction work outlined in your Notice of Requirements
  • your Section 73 Compliance Certificate and full Building Plan Approval, once you've met all of our requirements.


Peg-outs (Service Protection Reports)

You may need to pay for a peg-out if your development is close to one of our assets or pipes.

Your case manager will tell you if this is the case.

Construction costs

If you have to build or construct something outlined in your Notice of Requirements letter, we'll give you a fixed price quote for the work. 

In general, most developments need a new wastewater (sewer) connection point constructed and a water service for each new lot as a minimum. 

Prices for construction can vary from property to property and are in addition to your application fee.

We can't estimate the cost as many things can affect your construction, including: 

  • soil conditions (large amounts of rock or a high water table need extra machinery)
  • site access (restricted sites may require hand digging)
  • the location of other utilities' assets (gas mains near your development)
  • negotiating access to your neighbours' property if your construction will affect them.

Other costs

Sometimes you'll need to pay for other applications or services to complete your Section 73 Compliance Certificate application.

Pressure and flow statements

These are used to check if there's enough water or pressure available in the nearest water main to serve your new development.

If your secondary dwelling or granny flat has a maximum floor area of up to 60 m 2 and has been approved by your council under the complying development provisions in AHSEPP, you don't need a Section 73 Compliance Certificate. 

Read  Our Section 73 requirements for secondary dwellings .
You still need to apply for full building plan approval for any building or excavation work on your property. Apply online at Sydney Water Tap in™.

Find out more about the AHSEPP conditions from the Department of Planning.

If you have a small to medium sized development and water and wastewater (sewer) services are available already, it's likely that you will only need minor water and wastewater works.

Call us on 1300 082 746 if you're unsure if your development has minor works.

What are minor water and wastewater (sewer) works?

Examples include:
  • installing a connection to the wastewater system (sewer) for each new lot in your development
  • extending our wastewater (sewer) main less than 25 m to reach your property
  • installing new water service pipes from our water main to provide water to your development (a main to meter service)
  • installing a locked and tagged water service for your development
  • concrete encasing wastewater pipes if your building is too close to them
  • installing concrete piers.

If you have to extend our water main or move our assets, your development requires major works.

If you submit an application through Sydney Water Developer Direct™ and you need major works, you'll need to engage a water servicing coordinator to continue your application. We'll let you know if this is the case.

Your water servicing coordinator:
  • can ask us for your Notice of Requirements
  • will issue your Section 73 Compliance Certificate once you've met our requirements.

If you need to build or construct something to get your Section 73 Compliance Certificate, we'll give you a Notice of Requirements letter.

You'll then have two choices.

Use Sydney Water Developer Direct™

We'll provide you with a fixed price quote to do the construction works using one of our listed constructors.

Use a water servicing coordinator (WSC)

Only accredited water servicing coordinators can manage a Section 73 Compliance Certificate application and the construction of your works.  They'll provide you with a new servicing design and become your new point of contact with us.

Find a water servicing coordinator.

Your coordinator may be able to recommend a listed constructor to build your works. You can also choose a constructor from our listed providers. You can only engage a constructor through a water servicing coordinator.

Get a price estimate from a water servicing coordinator

Like with any service, prices vary between water servicing coordinators. Before you choose your coordinator, ask how much they charge for different services, including:
  • project management and administration
  • design, drawing and planning
  • inspections and certification
  • road openings
  • any costs associated with entry to neighbouring properties.

Once you've chosen a coordinator, you'll need to enter into a contract with them to manage your application and construction. They'll also become your new point of contact with us.

Get your Section 73 Compliance Certificate from your water servicing coordinator

Once your construction is finished and inspected, your coordinator will send us a completion package for approval.

Once everything is satisfactory, we'll give your Section 73 Compliance Certificate to them.

If you have a large or complex development, you need to engage a water servicing coordinator to manage your Section 73 Compliance Certificate process. 

If you submit your application through Sydney Water Developer Direct™, we'll produce your Notice of Requirements letter

This can take up to 30 days as we have to consult with other specialists.

You'll still need to engage a water servicing coordinator to:

  • get your Notice of Requirements
  • communicate with us on your behalf
  • issue your Section 73 Compliance Certificate once you've met our requirements. 
  • act as your point of contact with us.

What are large or complex developments?

Common examples of large or complex developments include:
  • unit blocks of more than four storeys
  • new land releases or newly rezoned areas
  • Torrens-titled subdivisions involving five lots or more
  • developments in pressure sewer or vacuum sewer areas
  • developments where our water or wastewater (sewer) pipes have to be moved.