Growth Servicing Plan

Our 2019 Growth Servicing Plan gives the development community a high-level view of expected availability of trunk water-related infrastructure over the next 15 years across the major greenfield and infill areas.

Our long-term planning supports the NSW Government's vision of three sustainable, productive and liveable cities – the Western Parkland City, the Central River City and the Eastern Harbour City – and incorporates the coastline city in the Illawarra region.

We’ve used the feedback from our development community customers to help shape this plan which now outlines our:

  • Longer term planning outlook for water and wastewater infrastructure
  • Ongoing commitment to working with you on ‘out-of-sequence’ developments
  • Increased transparency of our planning, processes and anticipated timelines.

We will update the Plan annually with new insights and potential timing of new infrastructure.

We look forward to working with you to get the right services delivered at the right time and create liveable, thriving and productive communities.

Funding the infrastructure

Read about our infrastructure funding policy and principles: 

Publication of water and wastewater servicing information

In accordance with clause 8.2 of the Sydney Water Operating Licence 2019-23, we are required to publish at least ten years of servicing information for major water and wastewater systems. To request access to the servicing information, please email