Trade wastewater

Accepting trade wastewater to sewer is an operational, environmental and safety risk for us. 

If you discharge trade wastewater, you must have our approval.

If you're discharging trade wastewater without our approval, we may disconnect your wastewater service and disconnect or restrict your water service.

Plumbers help customers select the appropriate trade wastewater pre-treatment and make sure it's installed correctly.

What is trade wastewater?

Trade wastewater includes:

  • wastewater produced at industrial or commercial premises
  • wastewater transported by vehicle, including septic effluent
  • wastewater from ships and boats
  • run-off from contaminated surface water and groundwater.

Our requirements and conditions for accepting trade wastewater help us:

  • protect people working in and around the wastewater system
  • protect receiving environments (rivers and oceans)
  • protect the wastewater system and treatment plants from damage
  • process wastewater and produce recycled water and good quality biosolids
  • encourage waste minimisation, cleaner production and water efficient practices.

What do you need to do?

You need to plan your trade waste installation to meet our requirements and your business needs. 

This includes ensuring the pre-treatment device is suitable for the type of waste being treated and is the right size.

Find out more about how to choose the right pre-treatment equipment for  Commercial trade wastewater.

You need our approval before you can discharge trade wastewater to our system.

Applying for permission to discharge trade wastewater is simple. Just submit a free online application using the Sydney Water Tap in™ service.

We may contact you to discuss your application, collect additional information or arrange to meet you at your property.

If we approve your application, we'll send a letter outlining our terms and conditions.

You must not apply on behalf of someone else without their permission.

We'll send copies of all written approvals to the applicant and the property owner.

Changing or cancelling your permit

You must apply to vary or cancel your trade waste permit within 30 days if:

  • the business activities on your site change
  • you're no longer discharging trade wastewater.

Visit Sydney Water Tap in™ to apply.

NSW Fair Trading inspects all new private plumbing work to make sure it complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia.

Pay your plumbing inspection fees and book an inspection at NSW Fair Trading.

NSW Fair Trading doesn't inspect connections to our pipes
We're responsible for ensuring connections to our pipes meet our standards.

We may inspect holding tanks, pumps or trade wastewater pre-treatment equipment.
Oil treatment system

Make sure your pre-treatment installation meets our requirements.