Recycled water

We've been recycling water since the 1960s.

We started with small irrigation projects and now produce billions of litres of recycled water each year.

We provide recycled water for homes and businesses, industry, parks, farms, golf courses and playing fields.

This helps save drinking water and secures our water supply for Sydney’s growing population.

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Recycled water is used:

  • in homes and businesses to water gardens, flush toilets and wash cars
  • in industry
  • for irrigation and agriculture
  • to help maintain river flows in the Hawkesbury-Nepean River.

Our wastewater and water recycling plants treat wastewater to a high level so it can be safely re-used. 

The water recycling in the Sydney region map shows our recycled water schemes. 

Hoxton Park Recycled Water Scheme

Woman using hose to water garden in residential street

Residents in the Rouse Hill area have been using recycled water since 2001.

  • Location - Bardia, Edmondson Park, Elizabeth Hills, Freemans Ridge, Ingleburn Gardens, Len Waters Industrial Estate, Middleton Grange, Panorama Estate, Park Bridge Estate and Yarrunga Industrial Estate.
  • Timeframe - we plan to start operating this scheme when there are enough properties built and connected to our wastewater and recycled water pipes

We'll be providing high quality recycled water to parts of new residential suburbs and industrial areas in Sydney's south-west. 

Customers in the Hoxton Park Recycled Water Scheme area are expected to be supplied with recycled water from 2022-23.
Learn more about Hoxton Park Recycled Water Scheme.

Recycled water is really just water.

We take wastewater from homes and businesses, and put it through a multi-step treatment process to remove impurities. The purified water can be used in many ways.

Recycling makes our water supply more secure and sustainable.

Recycled water can be produced using:

  • water recycling plants
  • sewer mining
  • on-site systems
  • stormwater harvesting.

Read about the  recycled water treatment processes.

Learn more about producing recycled water.

We treat recycled water to a high standard, but it's not for drinking.

Our clear, high quality recycled water is very safe to use. We meet strict recycled water quality guidelines at all times.

Recycled water can be used:
  • in homes and businesses
  • in industry
  • to irrigate parks, farms and playing fields
  • for river health.

The water recycling in the Sydney region map shows our recycled water schemes.

Learn more about using recycled water.
Sprinklers watering small pots at a nursery

Recycled water can be used to irrigate plants at garden nurseries.

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