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You need to know about our services if you're:

  • starting a business
  • moving to new premises
  • developing your site.
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Talk to us about your business's water and wastewater services

Water restrictions are now in place
Water restrictions target outdoor water use and apply to everyone across greater Sydney. However, we understand that some water use is critical for businesses. See how water restrictions may affect your business and check whether you need to apply for a water restrictions exemption.

What do new business owners need to know?

You need our written permission before you discharge trade wastewater into our systems. This applies to most businesses, including:

  • cafes
  • motor mechanics
  • car washes
  • dry cleaners.

Our requirements are different for commercial trade wastewater and industrial trade wastewater customers.

If you're discharging trade wastewater without our approval, we may disconnect the trade waste service. We may also disconnect or restrict your water service.

You can apply to discharge trade wastewater online at Sydney Water Tap in™.

Make sure you understand our requirements before you build or refit commercial premises. Your building or renovation plans must include enough space to install the right grease traps and treatment equipment and wastewater plumbing.

You must apply at Sydney Water Tap in™ if you want:

  • a new water, recycled water or wastewater connection
  • to change the size or location of your meter
  • to put a pump onto an existing connection
  • to change the amount or quality of wastewater you discharge
  • to change the location of your water or wastewater connection.  

If you use our water supply during construction and redevelopment, you must have an approved connection with a meter and backflow protection.

A hydraulic consultant or plumber can help you design your water and wastewater services and apply on your behalf.

You need a water meter for all connections to our water system.

We provide free meters for all properties. We'll also install meters up to 50 mm light duty for free. You must engage a plumber to install larger meters.

You can apply for a meter at Sydney Water Tap in™.
If you ask us to install the meter for you, we'll install it free of charge within ten business days.

If you'd like your plumber to install the meter, you'll get a letter authorising your plumber to collect one. You'll have to pay for the plumbing costs.

All 20 and 25 mm meters have a backflow prevention device in them. This is suitable for properties that have a low backflow hazard. 

Worried about damaging your meter during construction?
If you have a development site, you can protect your meter with a cage. We'll still be able to read the meter through the cage. 
You must have a backflow prevention device on your water connection.

This device reduces the hazard your business may pose to our water supplies.

You must engage an accredited backflow plumber to assess your site and install the right kind of backflow device.

We'll calculate how much wastewater your business discharges to our system by applying a sewerage usage discharge factor (SUDF) based on your business operations.

Find out about Prices for your business.

Have your processes changed?
Please tell us if your business processes change, because it might affect your wastewater charges. 
We'll have an agreement with you if you have special equipment or conditions.

Make sure you understand your agreement. If you need help understanding it, call:
  • the person listed in the agreement
  • your business customer representative
  • our contact centre on 13 20 92.

If you sell your property, you must tell potential buyers about any agreements that apply.

We charge you to cover the cost of providing our services and maintaining our assets.

We'll charge you fees:

  • for being connected to our water and wastewater systems. This is a service charge
  • for the amount of water you use. This is a usage charge
  • for the amount of wastewater you discharge
  • for discharging trade wastewater
  • if your property is in one of our stormwater catchment areas.

Will your business have trade wastewater?

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Apply for permission before you discharge trade wastewater. 

Does your business need a new connection?

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Apply at Sydney Water Tap in™.