WaterFix® Commercial

WaterFix® Commercial delivers large scale, cost-effective water savings to inefficient commercial buildings. Covering a wide range of businesses, our step-by-step process begins with a free desktop assessment to see how much water and energy you could save.
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Save water, energy and money with WaterFix® Commercial

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If you’re concerned how much water your building or facility could be wasting, contact WaterFix® Commercial to see if we can help:

How does WaterFix® Commercial work?

Our free desktop assessment will identify whether your water use is high. By comparing your site's historical water use to best practice industry benchmarks, we can see potential water savings for individual buildings or facilities. This will show us whether we need to progress to step 2.
If step 1 shows your building has high water use, we'll offer you a more detailed assessment.

We'll install online monitoring on your water meter to further analyse your water use and complete an on-site audit, to see why you're using too much water.
Once we've analysed the monitoring data and audited your site, we'll provide a brief report, identifying the cause of your high water use. We'll also provide a detailed proposal, quoting for repairs and other work required.

Our end-to-end solution includes:
  • products and materials
  • installation
  • project management
  • appointment coordination with owners and tenants
  • financing options.

You can choose another service provider for any of this work, however we can't guarantee the same results. 

If you approve our quote, we’ll work with you to schedule the work for a time that suits your employees and customers. Our fully licensed and experienced plumbers and specialist trades will complete the work on-site, including:
  • repairing tap and toilet leaks
  • installing water-efficient devices
  • replacing faulty tapware and single flush toilets
  • finding concealed leaks
  • repairing leaks in common areas
  • upgrading urinals
  • installing spray rinse valves
  • optimising rainwater systems.
Sydney Water WaterFix ® Commercial offers flexible payment options including:
  • a one-off fee for service
  • a 12-month payback plan
  • a performance payment plan (for eligible customers only), where the costs are paid for by the value of water saved
  • an option to add the costs to your Sydney Water bill.

What commercial industries can we help?

Shopping centre

Commercial properties:

  • Hotels 
  • Office towers
  • Small to medium shopping centres
  • Aged care facilities
NSW Parliament


  • Local councils
  • State government facilities
  • Federal government facilities


  • Public schools
  • Private schools
  • Independent / religious schools
  • TAFE and universities


  • Public hospitals
  • Private hospitals
  • Specialist clinics
Ripples aquatic centre

Entertainment and social

  • Theatres
  • Theme parks and aquatic centres
  • Museums
  • Pubs and clubs
St Leonards oval irrigtation

Local government

  • Local council buildings
  • Municipal pools and aquatic centres
  • Libraries
  • Sporting facilities.

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