Apply for a hidden leak allowance

Had a hidden leak?

We’ll review your bill and provide a credit if you had a hidden leak, it was repaired by a licensed plumber and you meet our other conditions.

Our conditions

We'll review your bill if you meet each of these conditions:
  • The leak at your property was hidden (not visible).
  • The leak at your property was repaired by a licensed plumber.
  • You provide a copy of the plumber’s invoice.
  • You provide a meter reading after the plumber repaired the leak.
  • You tell us about the leak within a year of your licensed plumber repairing it.
  • You haven’t received a hidden leak allowance at this property in the past five years.
Unfortunately, we can't offer a hidden leak allowance if the leak was:
  • on vacant land or an unoccupied property
  • from a tap, toilet cistern, dishwasher or washing machine.

Please note: We offer the hidden leak allowance as a goodwill gesture only if you meet certain conditions. Please read our Allowances and rebates on your bill policy for more details.

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